Matinees at 2:00 pm
Evenings at 7:30 pm
Runs August 6 to 11 in Denver

*Note special performance times of 2:00 for matinees and 7:30 for evenings.
Act I:
Captain Andy Hawkes fancies that he runs the finest showboat on the Mississippi, travelling the river with his crew and group of players to present light theater and melodrama in the various river towns.  His daughter Magnolia admires a passing gambler, though dock worker Joe (to whom the timeless song “Ol’ Man River” is granted) warns her to be cautious.  Trouble arises for two of the showboat’s leading players, Julie and Steve, who are man and wife, but not of the same race.  As their marriage is illegal according to local laws, the sheriff is coming to arrest them.  Julie and Steve manage to outsmart the sheriff, but fearful of further complications, they must flee.  Left without his leading players, Captain Andy must quickly find replacements.  His choice falls upon the gambler, Ravenal, and upon young Magnolia.  Before long, the love scenes the two are playing on stage mature into love for each other, and they are married, over the protests of Magnolia’s mother.

Act II:
Some years later, Ravenal and Magnolia are in Chicago living off his precarious income as a gambler.  Having to support a wife and an infant daughter Kim (named for the coming together of three states at the Mississippi) proves too much for his financial and emotional resources and he departs, leaving Magnolia on her own.  Finding old friends from the showboat, she seeks work as a club singer, auditioning with a song she had learned from Julie.  Listening unseen, Julie decides that Magnolia needs the work more than she does, and quietly leaves the job open for Magnolia, who ultimately finds great success on Broadway.  She has not seen Ravenal in years, but her friends and family arrange a riverbank reunion for the two.  Despite the passage of time and much water under the bridge, all is forgiven.