Matinees at 1:00 pm
Evenings at N/A
July 20 and 23 at 1:00 pm in the intimate Williams Stables Theatre, Central City
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Leonard Bernstein’s witty one-act opera set to jazz rhythms depicts a couple’s marital challenges and longing for love beneath the sunny veneer of 1950s American suburbia.

$25 general admission - Seating limited to 90 per show!

Sunday, July 20 and Wednesday, July 23 at 1:00 pm

Performed by members of Central City Opera’s Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Artists Training Program in the intimate 90-seat Williams Stables Theatre.

“It’s entirely possible that the 20th century repertoire offers no more hilarious or eloquent testament to the emotional power of music than ‘What a Movie,’ the centerpiece aria from Leonard Bernstein’s 1951 one-act opera ‘Trouble in Tahiti.’”– Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle (2008)

Photo © Cory Weaver/Portland Opera.
SYNOPSIS (Spoiler Alert!)
The opera focuses in on the domestic conflict of Sam and Dinah, a young couple who, in contrast to the perfect picture of suburban life painted by the Trio, are desperately unhappy. Starting with an argument over breakfast, the piece explores a day in their life—Sam's as a successful businessman, and Dinah's as a frustrated housewife. They argue about their son Junior, who is never seen or heard from. As the day continues, the competitive and over-confident Sam shows his prowess at the office and at the gym. Dinah visits her psychiatrist and recounts a dream of a beautiful, unattainable garden, then spends the afternoon at an escapist movie called "Trouble in Tahiti." At the end of the day, profoundly aware of their unhappiness, Sam and Dinah try to have a frank discussion about their relationship. Unable to communicate without blaming and arguing, Sam suggests they go out to see a new movie—"Trouble in Tahiti."

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